Synergy Placement Agency’s temp-to-hire program can assist your company in locating or retaining a great employee without having to incur all the cost of bringing them on to your payroll. It is like a ”try before you buy” program, that will ensure you have made the right decision on your new temporary employee. This temp-to-hire program also offers our clients the chance to appreciate their assigned employees so much that they may want to hire them. This service can also be used to provide a trial period that tests the “competency and intangible skills” of a candidate before that person becomes a direct hire employee. If you have identified a potential employee on your own, we can assist you by having them put on our “payroll” until you decide whether you would like to convert them over to your staff.
Advantages of Synergy’s Temp-to-Hire Program:
  • No need to make an immediate hiring decision
  • No down time is lost in finding the right candidate for the position
  • The employee’s work habits are actually verified on the job.
  • The personality traits of the employee is viewed to ensure a good employee “fit”with your companies environment
  • If and when you decide to bring them on to your payroll the employee is already familiar with your business culture
  • The need for additional testing, screening, training, and interviewing is reduced or eliminated
Eliminate the hassles of Finding a New Employee. Greater Return On Investment by Saving Time and Money. You can rest assured you have done your due diligence finding the right employee from a company that truly care about your business…
Synergy’s Placement Agency temp-to-hire program encourages our clients to hire our temporary employees on a direct hire basis. Synergy’s Placement Agency makes the initial investment in the screening, recruiting, interview, testing, training, and evaluation of our qualified pool of candidates. Our direct hire fee consists of a mutually agreed percentage of the new employee’s annual salary, and we will offer a credit in consideration of the length of time our employee has been on your assignment.


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