In today’s competitive job market, creating the best resume possible may seem daunting. It can help to view the process much like an elaborate puzzle that comes together piece-by-piece.

Let’s talk about how to write a resume. Begin by making sure all your contact information at the top of page — the header — is current and free of errors.

In addition to address and phone numbers, many resumes now feature links to job seekers’ personal websites as well as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. But be sure those pages are updated and don’t contain any postings (comments, photos, etc.) that might make a potential employer second guess your candidacy.

You also want to give recruiters a heads-up about what it is you’re looking to do — the objective behind your resume. This section, which shouldn’t include the word “objective,” should give readers a solid sense that you understand the job you’re applying for. It should also incorporate keywords related to the position to help you get past electronic scanners.

Next, move on to your experience. Whether the accomplishments listed in this section involve previous employment, education, skills learned or awards earned, they can help set you apart from the competition. So shoot for using a clever design or unique language to further highlight your expertise.

For more on how to assemble an eye-catching resume, check out the infographic below, produced by, an online presentation service.


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